Welcome to the OpenAir Collective, a volunteer-based community dedicated to fighting the climate crisis by removing carbon directly from the air.

with your help, we can make that happen on a massive scale. 

Our Mission

The numbers are clear. Cutting greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs) to zero is essential to surviving the climate crisis. But unfortunately, it’s no longer enough. Climate restoration—that is, bringing emissions down to pre-industrial levels—is now a crucial front in the fight. To start, we’ll need to remove billions of tons of CO2 from the atmosphere in the next few decades. Fortunately, there are pathways we can take to reach this goal, if we start now.

Direct Air Carbon Capture (DACC) is one of them. DACC uses a chemical reaction to remove CO2 from ambient air. The carbon removed by DACC can be safely and permanently mineralized in the earth and stored in everyday abundant materials, like concrete. Imagine a world where cities have the same carbon sink capabilities as wetlands—that’s a future that DACC can make a reality.

DACC isn’t the only climate restoration tool we need, but it’s an essential one. And for its potential to be realized, DACC must be deployed on a massive scale very quickly. That means making the technology better, cheaper, and easier to use, and then spreading it as fast as we possibly can. We envision a world in which DACC is an embedded feature of communities, buildings, and even products. Where can you imagine it?

The OpenAir Collective is a distributed network of volunteers dedicated to accelerating the use of DACC in the real world. We do this through collaborative advocacy, research & development, and experimental pilot projects. As a community making change in the real world, we draw inspiration and practices from the dynamic areas of open source development, citizen science, and grassroots organizing. Our work will support, inform, and operate parallel to the progress unfolding in the private sector, academia, and across every level of government.

Our impact is the sum total of our members’ individual creativity, commitment, and connectedness, all pooled together and pointed toward one goal. How effectively and how rapidly we shape DACC’s evolution and growth depends on what we collectively learn and choose to make happen in the world. Join us.